Behind the Scenes




Petera Meroiti

"...I LOVE gaming. But I really hate playing games alone and would rather play with friends and people from the community for a better experience"

One of the OG streamers for Osprey Gaming, Petera. “Animul” Meroiti is unmatched in energy and intensity, striking a balance of skillful gameplay with infectious showmanship.

“...I love gaming! ‘Been gaming since I came out the womb. I aspire to be the best, which is what drives my gaming experience”

Dedicated to the grind, Animul uploaded and streamed consistently during 2018, awarding him a healthy following on Twitch. Always pushing to improve, this loud and proud Kiwi is someone to watch out for in 2019.

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Daniel Labrum

"...I find great inspiration knowing I get to compete against everyone from around the world"

Recruited originally as a competitive Halo player to fill the Osprey roster, Talent has found himself a home within Osprey and has chosen the path of a streamer.

With a background in Halo esports, Talent is most comfortable with a controller in his hand, bringing the hurt to other players on first-person shooters.


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