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Microsoft J

Jordi Giannopoulos

"...My competitive drive for this game sometimes feels bottomless and having peers that feel the same way is a great competitive and social environment to stay inspired in"

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A true powerhouse in the Smash scene, Jordi “Microsoft J” Giannopoulos has consistently placed in the top 8 of each event he has entered during 2017 and 2018 while also securing multiple 1st place finishes in Melee doubles and Project M singles this year, with a huge 4th place for Melee singles at MEO 2018 (Melbourne Esports Open), the largest Esports event ever held in Victoria.

However, Jordi, the ever humble brawler, would categorize himself as an up-and-comer. He credits his bottomless drive and inspiration to the friendships he has created through gaming and his love for the Super Smash community.

“...I love pushing for and growing the tournament scene, whether that be mentoring and supporting newer players, expanding community support through social media and streaming, or supplying equipment for local tournaments. I'd love to see a large scale international SSBM Super Major tournament take place in Australia sometime in the future, I hope elevating our size and player skill helps achieve that goal”