Behind the Scenes


OSprey Halo



Kyle Arroita

"...competition is what excites me and Halo is the game I fell in love with"

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Inspired and driven by the lifestyle of competitive gaming, Kyle “Jim” Arroita has been a long-standing social and competitive figure in the Oceanic Halo scene.

Jim's straightforward, no-nonsense approach to life translates seamlessly into his playstyle as a competitive gamer, providing a bedrock of reliability for his Osprey Halo squad.


“I don't care for standing out from the crowd - unless it's for being at the top”


Intrinsically motivated by his enjoyment of the game and his drive to improve, Jim lights a fire under his teammates against even the fiercest of opponents. Streaming or competing, OsP Jim isn't going anywhere, any time soon.


Thomas Crisp

"...the only thing that determines your level of success is your level of commitment"

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I’m a 21 year old University student from QLD, Australia who has had a passion for video games since I first played Halo 1 at my best friend’s house in grade two.


That’s where I started. Now that I’m older and a more competitive person I have shifted towards the competitive scene of Halo and have been competing since 2016 with my teammate OsP Jim. We have attended every Halo 5 LAN since then and continued improving along the way but I’m not satisfied with where we are yet, we have a long way to go.

Something that categorises me as a person is the pride I take in what I do, whether it’s the content I produce at Uni, the work I get done in my job or the performance I put in on the soccer pitch, I always take ownership over it and strive to make it the best possible output it can be. I believe that when my hearts in the game and I have the time to grind like the rest, I’m the competitions worst nightmare because of how quickly I can learn.

Watch out for OsP Enigma as me and the team continue to improve.


Mitchell Everett

"...take that chance to be part of a team with everyone striving for their goals"

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Growing up on classic video games like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot, Mitchell “Weezy” Everett would discover his flair for competitive and tactical shooters in games like Counter Strike: 1.6, the Ghost Recon series and eventually Halo, with the franchise's first title Halo: Combat Evolved.


Now competing under the wings of Osprey Halo, Weezy is an enjoyable player to watch, to say the least. Weezy displays a certain creativity in his gameplay, uncommon among his peers. He is known to make unorthodox but crucial plays in the heat of the moment. Weezy is a very intriguing and confident player to watch, with a snappy sensitivity and a crackshot aim.


Despite his Diverse skill set, Mitchell is a very humble person, always smiling, always supportive to his team and his peers in the Oceanic gaming community, always competing and striving to better himself -

OsP Weezy is one to watch.


Luke McDonald

"...I am a competitor and will grind all day to get where I need to be"

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The newest addition to the Osprey Halo roster, Luke “LOUQAS” McDonald is a fresh face on the Halo scene. Picked up in the later months of 2018 by the squad, Louqas looks to make a name for himself and to demonstrate his competitive potential.

Osprey's Louqas is one young-gun to keep your eye on as the community looks to the future of competitive Halo.