What is Osprey? Osprey is a video gaming organisation based in the Australian and New Zealand region.

Our mission is to promote community growth in the ANZ region through the cultivation of players, creatives and entertainers in the gaming world.

We pride ourselves on our #Ospreyfamily and we firmly believe that the health and happiness of our members is the key to reaching their goals.

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“Osprey Gaming was born from this fire and passion I had for Halo and the community that surrounded it. I was playing on team Initial Concept, a competitive Halo 5 team at the time.


After being involved with Halo Australia as a commentator and helping hand, I felt I could do more for the community behind the scenes than I could with a controller in my hands. Halo Australia’s BrisLAN 2017 was my final competitive event on the sticks.


Afterward, my focus has been solely on supporting players and communities across Australia and New Zealand.

Community and competition are what matters; the games are just what gets you in the door.”

- Justin ‘SSJ4’ Powell

Mission Statement

The mantra of Osprey Gaming is family, in the purest sense of the word. We are careful to recruit members who have shown to have a positive impact on the scenes and communities they are from. Who we are as people, the values we hold and our actions are of the utmost importance. By focusing on people first and games second, we build relationships that make players proud to be part of Osprey and achieve a family that each of us is proud to call home.

Osprey Gaming’s goal in the video game industry is to be an example of everything that is great about games and the communities that have been built around them. With the rise of esports and live streaming entertainment, we believe we can carve a path and help build healthy communities, to break the stigma of the typical ‘gamer’ and show the world that there is much to games than a collection of pixels.

This is Osprey Gaming. Join us on our journey and help create the future of gaming.